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5 Items to Pack for New York in the Winter

December 22, 2017

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Leggings: B.P. (similar) | Shoes: Adidas (similar) | Shirt: Express | Sunglasses: Ray-Ban | Beanie: J. Crew | Jacket: Uniqlo c/o (similar, similar) | Necklace: Gorjana | Scarf: (similar)

After my trip to New York last weekend, I would pack a little differently. Prior to visiting the city, I thought everyone would be wearing cute sweater dresses with over the knee boots, and would be parading around in heels. While I was there, I quickly learned that the only mission is to stay warm. Here are the 5 items I would pack for New York while visiting in the winter.

1. Cute coat. A cute coat that will keep you warm is the number one item you will want to have. (Packing tip- wear your coat on the plane so you don’t have to squish it into your suitcase.) So many things to see in New York are outside so you will be wearing a coat most of the time.

2. Hat. Whether your style is a beanie, baseball cap, baker boy hat, or beret, you will want something on top of your head to help you stay warm. I packed my beanie (pictured above) and wore it every day while I was there.

3. Gloves. While running around the city, my hands got very cold and I was so thankful I had my gloves to keep me warm. Grab a classic pair like these leather ones, or these shearling ones. You’ll be able to have them forever!

4. Scarf. We’re trying to stay warm here-have you caught on yet??? Grab a cozy scarf like my black one, or make a statement with this fun scarf. Wrap it around your neck and stay warm!

5. Boots. I brought 2 pairs of boots and wore them around most of time I was in New York. Above is my travel outfit on the way home, so I opted for my sneakers. Bring a pair that can get wet in case it snows or recently snowed the day before you got there (like us). You’ll be thankful you aren’t having to tip toe around in the slush to try to keep your shoes/feet dry.

Last packing tip I have for you is to plan out your outfits before you go. I used to throw so many extra things into my suitcase at the last minute and never needed them. I planned out my outfits ahead and not only did it save me time when I had to get ready, it also allowed me to pack everything into a carry-on. Success!!

~Happy Friday, love~


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