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August 3, 2016

I post a lot of pictures on my instagram that you don’t see here on my blog. Today I though I would fill you in a bit more on my summer and items I’m loving with an instagram roundup. 
image11image3 image10 image7

1. This Rebecca Minkoff handbag has been my favorite all summer and it has the same name as my dog-Suki!!

2. I got to try Vivo53‘s new insane Sundaes over the weekend and not only were they insanely big, they were insanely tasty! (Dress: Here, Lipstick: here)

3. I have been wearing my Christian Paul watch on repeat since I got it. I adore the marble face.

4. My husband no loner thinks I’m crazy with my ridiculous requests for photo ops. I made him pull over on our road trip to take a pic of these adorable red shoes!

image12 image2 image9 image5

1. A peek inside my suitcase for what I wore in Texas last month. (Shoes: Here, White Tank: Here, Orange Tank: Here)

2. I recently received these Happy Socks and I have to say, putting them on instantly brightened my day!

3. My husband and I went on a houseboat trip on the lake with the rest of my family for a week last week! It was a week filled with skiing, paddle boarding, reading, and sun bathing. (Sunglasses: Here)

4. This coverup from Rose Gal was worn on repeat while I was on the lake for the week!

image4 image6 image13 image8

1. I love M. Gemi shoes and recently got these cute loafers! Get $40 off your first pair by clicking here.

2. This scalloped palm print bikini was so much fun to wear on vacation! It’s currently sold out.

3. I wore my Converse and my Daniel Wellington watch for a causal Fourth of July with friends in Seattle. This watch has interchangeable straps which makes it fun to wear!

4. My pup is always my little helper when I’m packing. (Hats: Here and Here)

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~Happy Wednesday~

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